DLB/ Dynamic Light Box

Product Features:
1. Dynamic light box flashing panels provide
    better eye-catching capabilities than
    ordinary backlit signs and posters.
2. Uniform illumination - provides consistent,
    high-quality animation effects.
3. Color fidelity - provides color consistency
    between modes when the image is
    illuminated and off so that the artwork is
    accurately represented in both modes;
4. Dual Mode-Can be seen when the sign is
    off or when backlit.
5. High brightness available – provides
    appropriate level of illumination and
    superior visibility in bright artificial light,
    dim light or even foggy conditions.
6. Can be produced to any size or shape.
7. Paper Thin and Lightweight - makes it
    easier to handle and display, costs less to
    ship and offers greater number of
8. Waterproof – Can be used both indoor
    and outdoor.
9. Environmental friendly - EL does not
    ultraviolet radiation – safe.
10. Cold light source, no detectable heat
     output during illumination – energy
     efficient,power not wasted as heat
DLB Technical infomation
Thickness: 6 ~12mm
Size: Maximum size: 120cm x 240cm
Shape: any shape
Viewing angle: 180 degrees
Brightness: 450-600cd2
Life time: 20,000 hours
Weight: A4/ Weight:400g
Environment: Indoor Outdoor
Waterproof: can
UV: Can
Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Humidity range: 5-95% of
Power resources: DC12V
Supply voltage AC: 110 / 220V
Warranty: 12 months
Dynamic Light BOX
How TO Order ?
Signboard, architecture, lighting, floor,
machinery, merchandise, jewelry, decoration
, advertising, menus, boxes, automobiles,
motorcycles, bicycles, mobile phones, road
signs, picture frames, wedding decoration,
window display, decoration......!
Special Applications
Cutting shape
Customizable shape made according to
customers' orders.
Partially transparent
Partially transparent with customizable
areas of transparency for commercial displays.
Partially shape
Customizable openings for display areas can
be cut out as desired for merchandise displays.
Machine PLC link
Controller can be connected to screens,
displays, light fixtures, etc. Light can indicate
Animation giant wall
TV screen tiles customizable size; individual
screen tiles can be pieced together